The Cricket Mountains OHV trails are located in Millard County Utah and several Trailheads with good parking areas located on Utah Hwy 257 between Delta Utah and Milford Utah. There are approximately 120 miles of trails and gravel roads in this trail system. There are four trailheads at mile markers 23, 28, 29 and 53 in Hwy 257. We chose the southernmost end at mile marker 23. Be aware that the other trailheads do not seem well suited to large vehicles like 5th wheel toy haulers due to limited space to turn around or park off of the road. You may encounter a few sheep and their herders but few people. This is a great place to get away and enjoy some solitude while exploring a seldom seen part of Utah.

We highly recommend you get GAIA GPS for your smartphone or tablet mobile device. GAIA GPS will allow you to download this trail complete with the photos you see here so you can be sure where you are at all times. Simply install the GAIA GPS app and save this trail from here: DOWNLOAD THIS TRAIL

Here is an embedded live link to GAIA GPS to allow you to explore the trail. Each of the blue markers indicates that a photo was taken at that location. To view the track and photos click here: GAIA GPS – Cricket Mountains

Would you like to see the Cricket Mountains Trail in an animated 3D flyover map?  If it appears to pause that is likely a place I stopped for a while. It will continue, just wait a few moments.

Here is the 360 view at the trailhead. Feel Free to tour around a bit inside Google Stree Views. We have recorded the entire trail in 360 and it is now part of Google Street Views so you can take a virtual tour of the entire trail. We’ve made it a bit easier to navigate, scroll down and you will see more 360 embedded tours as we encounter intersections, trail markers or interesting places along the trail.

You can move the image 360 degrees, click the arrow to move further down the trail and zoom in and out to take a closer look. Clicking the box in the upper right-hand corner will enlarge to full screen for a better view.

We’ll just cruise down the trail a bit…..

This intersection is essentially the Trail Head you would access via Mile Marker 28 on Hwy 257.

Here is a photo gallery of all of the Images we took along the way. Not necessarily in any order or sequence. Many are at trail intersections. You can see the photos and exactly where along the trail where taken: Click here for Photo Locations.

Accommodations and Supplies

You may choose to visit Milford (south) or Delta (north). Both towns have

Food in Milford Auto Repair In Milford Hotels in Milford

Food in Delta Auto Repair In Delta Hotels in Delta


Both Delta and Milford have Hospitals. Using HWY 257 the closest to you may depend on where you are on (north or south) on the Cricket Mountains. Dial 911 for Emergencies.

Millard County Sheriff Dial 911 or (435) 864-2755 or (435) 743-6223

Utah Highway Patrol (435) 743-6653

BLM Office in Fillmore (435)743-3123

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