Marysvale to Circleville

Marysvale to Circleville is a short exciting drive passing through great mountian scenery, Dock Spring and the Piute Reservoir. Be sure to stock up on supplies at the Sinclair convenience store before you depart or choose nearby Junction. A fun drive to the south will take you through BLM and state land. The open and winding valleys make for a great half-day trip!

This trail is about 27 miles and took us about 2.5 hours to complete.

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We highly recommend you get GAIA GPS for your mobile device. GAIA GPS will allow you to download this trail complete with the photos you see here so you can be sure where you are at all times. Simply install the GAIA GPS app and save this trail from the button below.

Would you like to see the trail in an animated 3D flyover map? If it appears to pause, that is likely a place I stopped for a while. It will continue, just wait a few moments. Link to 3D flyover.

Here is the 360 view at the trailhead. Feel free to tour around a bit inside Google Street Views. We have recorded the trail in 360 and it is now part of Google Street Views so you can take a virtual tour of the trail to see if it is for you. We’ve made it a bit easier to navigate, scroll down and you will see more 360 embedded tours as we encounter intersections, trail markers or interesting places along the trail.

On any image, you can click the ‘X’ in the upper right corner and the view will change to an overview map showing the Google Street View blue lines. You can click anywhere on that blue line and drop down to the 360 ground-level views at that point.

You can move the image 360 degrees, click the arrow to move further down the trail and zoom in and out to take a closer look. Clicking the box in the upper right-hand corner will enlarge to full screen for a better view.

Start at Lizzie & Charlie's RV / ATV Park right off of Main Street. Follow East 100 North until you reach BM 5831. This is the start of the trail. Depart to the right to begin the main trail to Circleville. Cut into this left fork on the trail to continue forward. Crossover the main trail here. Continue forward for a good stretch. You will follow a mostly straight paths until you reach a turn onto Monroe Mountain where you will take a right turn. Turn left here onto South Thompsvill Road. Continue south through Gold Gulch and take a right turn when the road forks. Proceed straight until you take another turn to the left onto Old US Highway 89. Here you will be passing Pauite Reservior! Enjoy the view. Cross over Highway 89 here. The road will begin to curve and after the road will continue on straight for quite some time. Cross to Highway 153 and enjoy the smooth ride. Get ready to take a left turn on to Forest Road 133. There may be different trails to get through this section but this one worked best for us. Continue exclusively southwest until you reach this fork in the road (FR133). Head southeast now until there is a turn in the road to the right. At West Side Circleville Road, cross over. This is the home stretch. Go through this bend in the road and you're almost to Circleville. Welcome to Circleville, Utah! Stay a while and enjoy.

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