Cottonwood Canyon Road

Cottonwood Canyon is a 50-mile road from US 89 east of Kanab to Highway 12 at Cannonville. It provides access to numerous Jeep trails and hiking trails, as well as Candyland, Grosvenor Arch and The Cockscomb.

It took us four hours to drive this road from Highway 89 to our stop in Tropic. Tropic serves as a great destination at the end of the trail where you will find lodging, restaurant, and fuel.

We would rate this as an intermediate trail because of the distance and proximity to services. Take plenty of water, spare tire/tools and let people know where you are going/when you plan to return. Most of the trail is a maintained county road but there are some rocky sections and wash-boarding is common if it’s been a while since the road has been graded.

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We highly recommend you get GAIA GPS for your mobile device. GAIA GPS will allow you to download this trail complete with the photos you see here so you can be sure where you are at all times. Simply install the GAIA GPS app and save this trail from the button below.

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Would you like to see the trail in an animated 3D flyover map? If it appears to pause, that is likely a place I stopped for a while. It will continue, just wait a few moments. Link to 3D flyover.

Here is the 360 view at the trailhead. Feel free to tour around a bit inside Google Street Views. We have recorded the trail in 360 and it is now part of Google Street Views so you can take a virtual tour of the trail to see if it is for you. We’ve made it a bit easier to navigate, scroll down and you will see more 360 embedded tours as we encounter intersections, trail markers or interesting places along the trail.

On any image, you can click the ‘X’ in the upper right corner and the view will change to an overview map showing the Google Street View blue lines. You can click anywhere on that blue line and drop down to the 360 ground-level views at that point.

You can move the image 360 degrees, click the arrow to move further down the trail and zoom in and out to take a closer look. Clicking the box in the upper right-hand corner will enlarge to full screen for a better view.

The trailhead is right off of Highway 89 and has plenty of room to park your trailer to offload your machine. This segment of the trail is a "otherworldly" landscape of red cliffs and rolling purple hills. Grosvenor Arch is one of the more unique formations on this trail and a definite stop you will want to take. Kodachrome Basin State Park is just a short ways down the road from here.

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